A drink of water for the thirsty skin!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I love using face sprays/mists to set my makeup or freshen up during the day. I used The Body Shop Vitamin E face spray for a while and loved it, then I tried LUSH Eau Roma Water, which I really didn't like (the scent was too strong and it sprayed out too much). When I saw that Make Up Store offers one and that they had a 40% of everything deal going on, I grabbed one. Even the regular price, 16 euros for 180ml is quite cheap (at least compared to 12 euros they ask for a 100ml of TBS spray), plus a product like this lasts quite a long time.
The smell is really fresh and clean with a hint of sweetness. I also love the simple and sleek packaging that all Make Up Store products have. The word "mist" is very accurate, since it's really a fine mist to your skin, rather than strong in-your-face wet spray. To me it's a win-win product and I'd recommend it to anyone who's looking for  a new makeup setting spray or just a little something to freshen up your skin when needed. Ofcourse you don't have to carry around the 180ml bottle, you can easily find a little travel sized spray bottle to pour it into. :)

Mulle meeldib meigi "kinnitamiseks" ja lihtsalt kiireks värskendamiseks erinevaid näospreisid kasutada. Mu viimatine lemmik oli The Body Shopi E-vitamiini näosprei, mida olen arvustanud SIIN. Pärast seda proovisin LUSH-i Eau Roma Water'it, mis mulle eriti ei istunud (liiga tugeva lõhnaga ja sprei pole piisavalt peen, vaid pigem "uputav" :D). Oslos sattusin Make Up Store'i poodi, kus olid kõik tooted -40%, nii et soetasin endale proovimiseks Make Up Store face mist'i. The Body Shop on nüüd oma esikoha kaotanud ja seda mitmel põhjusel.
Esiteks - hind. Kui E-vitamiini sprei puhul küsitakse 100ml eest 12,6 eurot, siis MUS oma maksab umbes 16 eurot 180ml eest. Teiseks on MUS tootel mõnusam lõhn - väga värske ja puhas, õige pisut magus. Sõna mist ehk udu peab toote nime puhul samuti paika, sest see tuleb näole pigem kerge uduvihmana kui tugeva spreina. Kolmandaks - pakend! Kõikidel Make Up Store'i toodetel on väga stiilne ja minimalistlik pakend, mis saab minult alati plusspunkte. Seni olen selle tootega väga rahul - tõsi, 180ml pudelit pole küll mugav käekotis kaasas kanda, kuid keegi ei keela ju toodet väiksemasse reisisuuruses spreipudelisse valada. :)


  1. That sounds great! I always wanted to try a face spray and only new about the MAC one, which is quite expensive. I should check out make up store. :)


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