I already wrote some resolutions down in my planner, but I thought it might be fun to make some more simple health and beauty ones on my blog too. :) Then I can remind myself during the year to "behave" and slap myself in December if I fail to keep my promises. ;)

In 2012 I promise to...

... let my hair grow.
I chopped of my long hair last January and have regretted ever since. I promise to keep my hair healthy and let it grow long again. :) Also, I need to get some layers.

... get my teeth fixed and whitened.
I'm embarrassed to admit that my dentist hasn't seen me for almost two years now. I need to get some of my teeth fixed and also... I'm afraid the wisdom teeth are coming out too. :( And since I'm not blessed with the whitest of teeth, I'm going to find a way to get my smile a bit shinier. Any suggestions?

... work out at least twice a week.
I have a gym card that allows me to use the gym and go to different yoga, body balance and whatever else classes whenever I want, but I've been really lazy lately. Well, yes, I was sick for a month, but I'm okay now, so it's time to get up and go to the gym. I'm already in shape, but I feel like I could tone my legs, arms and well... butt a bit more. :)

... not buy random beauty and pampering things just because they're cheap.
This year, I'll focus on the word "quality"! I'd rather have 2-3 more expensive products than 10 cheapy ones.

... use up a product before getting a new one.
You know how it goes... You still have a few squirts left of your foundation and decide to get a new one. But the new foundation is so great that you immediately start using this instead of using up your old one. Before you know it, you have 10 almost empty abandoned bottles and tubes in your house.

... drink more water.
Haha, that's a classic. But I'll try to find a way to drink more water... Maybe drink a glass after I wake up, a glass at work and one when I get home? Anyway, I promise to try, let's just see how it goes...

... stop touching my hair and face.
I'm constantly touching my face and braiding my hair when I'm reading or watching TV. That's a bad habit, because hands are not always clean and constant braidind causes hair breakage.

Wish me luck! What are your beauty promises for this year? :)

Panin juba mõned tõsisemad tööd ja kooli puudutavad uusaastalubadused oma isiklikku märkikusse kirja, kuid mõtlesin, et oleks lahe ka mõned lihtsamad ilu ja tervist puudutavad lubadused teha. Saan neid siis aasta jooksul endale siin meelde tuletada ja detsembris end tutistada, kui end alt olen vedanud. :D

Luban, et aastal 2012 ma...

... lasen oma juustel kasvada.
... lasen hambad korda teha ja püüan neid pisut valgendada.
... käin vähemalt 2x nädalas trennis.
... ei osta uusi iluvidinaid lihtsalt selle pärast, et need on odavad.
... kasutan toote lõpuni, enne kui uue ostan.
... joon rohkem vett.
... lõpetan pideva näo ja juuste näppimise.
Soovige mulle edu! ;) Millised on teie ilu ja tervise uusaastalubadused?

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  1. Valgete hammaste koha pealt - kaubamajas müüakse nüüd Cresti hambapastat. Minu arvates see täitsa aitab ja kui on kuskilt (Soomest Stockmannist või USAst) võimalik saad Rembrandti hambapastat, siis see on ka väga hea :).

    Minu uusaastalubaduseks on enda suhtes vähem enesekriitiline olla ja lihtsamatest asjadest...ei tohiks punne pigistada ja asja hullemaks teha :D


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