Outfit: New Year's Eve

Saturday, December 31, 2011
As I'm mostly at home this New Year's Eve, I decided to wear my  new top, comfortable dark blue Zara jeans and as you can see... I chose comfortable footwear as well. :D
blouse: Vero Moda, jeans: Zara, socks: Seppälä, bracelet: Swarovski, nails: MUS "Monica", earrings: vintage

Shopping: A whole bunch of necessities

Thursday, December 29, 2011
I found myself running out of all my basic things in December, so I bought a lot of new everyday stuff during this month... :) Oh, and I have a really bad habit of throwing away receipts, so I might not remember the exact prices... :(
 I needed a new shampoo and since I remembed really liking one Dove shampoo I used to have, I decided to try a new one from Dove. Since I have really thin and fine hair, I always buy volume shampoos. It didn't cost much, maybe about €3?
 I ran out of my absolute favourite face wash, which I'll write about in my 2011 favourites, but when I was at the drugstore, I decided to get something else. I had also ran out of my gentle face scrub, so when I saw that I could get two Johnson's products for about €5, I grabbed these pink tubes... My old favourite costs about, 5,5 alone... Let's just hope that these work too. :)
These two are definitely just splurge items... I got them from (Estonian beauty sales site) for about €5 and €7. But they smell delicious and Escada one would be perfect for summer, since it also gives a bronze tint. Lacoste Pour Femme smells so good that I kind of want to get the perfume now... :D
I ran out of shampoo, face wash and... face creams. I got my favourite L'Oreal cream (I used to have Triple Active Day, but I really don't see any difference betweeen this and Hydrafresh... The smell maybe?) and since I always moisturize my face before I go to bed, I thought it's time to get a night cream as well so I don't run out of my day one as fast... I really like L'Oreal creams, they're great! The only downside? The heavy glass container, an absolute bugger when travelling... )
Since everyone's raving about the new Maybelline mascara and it was only €5,90, I got this. I also got the Garnier roll-on (about €11), which blends in nicely and gives decent coverage, but is way too dark and orange (maybe I should have gone with the light one?). I ran out of my black eye pencil and got a new one from Max Factor. It's great! Stays on the whole day and only smudges a little bit, but this has to do with my extremely greasy eyelids. :( I also got one in silver, but this was by accident... I was aming for a gorgeous purple one. :(

Let me know, if you'd like to see any reviews!
Kuna mul õnnestus detsembris kõik vajalikud tuubid ja potsikud tühjaks pigistada, siis täiendasin sel kuul korralikult oma igapäevaste iluvidinate varusid.
Uueks šampooniks sai Dove'i kohevusšampoon - ma pole seda varem proovinud, nii et eks hiljem selgub, kuidas see toimib. Lõhn on igatahes mõnus. :)
Kuna mu absoluutne lemmik näopesugeel sai otsa (kirjutan sellest 2011. aasta lemmikutes), siis suundusin uue järele - nähes aga, et sama hinnaga (€5,5) saaksin ma nii Johnson'si näopesugeeli kui õrna koorija, võtsin hoopis need kaks roosat tuubi. Kui kellelgi soovi, võin nendest ka arvustuse kirjutada. :)
Escada ja Lacoste'i kreemid tellisin ja ma otseselt ei vajanud neid, aga oeh, kui hästi need lõhnavad... Escada oma hoian suveks, sest lisaks mõnusale ja magusale lõhnale annab see ka pisut säravat jumet. See paneb mind mõtlema päevitunud jalgade eksponeerimisele... Lacoste Pour Femme lõhnab nii hästi, et ma tahaks endale ausalt öeldes ka seda parfüümi soetada...
Kuna olin ka oma päevakreemist viimse välja pigistanud, ostsin uuesti oma vana lemmiku L'Orealilt. Õigupoolest oli mul varem Triple Active Day, kuid Hydrafresh tundus mõnusam ja värskem - lõhn on sellel imehea. Et ma niisutan nägu ka igal õhtul, ostsin esimest korda elus endale öökreemi Triple Active Night- nii et saa päevane nii ruttu otsa. Soovitan neid kreeme kindlasti, need on mõnusalt niisutavad ja pole ka liiga kallid - kindlasti ostke need aga näiteks Prismast, sest ma ostsin päevakreemi Kaubamajast ja see maksis umbes 7 eurot, samas kui Prismas nägin neid soodukas umbes neljaga... :) Ainsaks miinuseks oleks ehk  väiksemat sorti beebi kaalu olev klaaspurk - täielik tüütus näiteks reisimisel.
Viimasteks ostudeks on paljukiidetud Maybelline Falsies Flared, mis mind paraku millegagi veel vaimustada suutnud pole, kuid et selle saab Selverist hetkel kätte vaid 6 euroga, otsustasin seda proovida. Garnier roll-on (umbes 11 eurot) oli ammu mu soovinimekirjas - võtsin medium-tooni ja see oli pisut rumal tegu, sest ma ju ei teadnud, et keskmine nahatoon kujutab endast Oompa Loompa oranži... See on väga tume ja oranžikas - jumestuskreemi alla okei, aga niisama kandmiseks kindlasti mitte. Ometi pole mul just maailma heledaim nahk, vaid pigem oliivikarva... Max Factori silmapliiatsid haarasin, sest olin ikka ideaalse musta silmapliiatsi otsingul. Tundub, et ka leidsin selle - püsivus on suurepärane.

Andke teada, kui soovite millestki täpsemat arvustust!

Outfit: Christmas Eve

blouse: House (made the bow myself), skirt: H&M, on my nails: Opi "Big Apple Red"

p.s. Excuse my sleepy face. :)

Spoiled by Santa

Tuesday, December 27, 2011
Santa was really generous this year, but it has to do with my big family and a lovely boyfriend with his family. I'm really thankful for everything I got and I would have been happy with just the absolutely delicious Lindt chocolates... I only have four left. :(
I love puzzles and my mom got me a new one - I think it's absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't stop staring at it on Christmas Eve. I also got Babyliss Easy Waves, which I asked for and straight off my Christmas wishlist my brother got me DKNY Golden Delicious perfume. It's kind of a tradition that I get new pajamas and some fuzzy socks every Christmas and this year I got these really cute ones from Seppälä. :) My sister got me "The Nutcracker" - something cute to watch during Christmas. But she also got me one of the biggest and most exciting gifts - a tripod and a remote controller for my camera! Outfit pictures without balancing a pile of books and shoe boxes under my camera, here I come! :D

My boyfriend really spoiled me this year, but it's okay, since I spoiled him too. :) We like spoiling each other and not just during Christmas. :)
He got me this Oh Land CD, which is really meaningful to both of us. He also got me my favourite Ferrero Rochers, a beautiful blouse that he saw me admiring and a new Swarovski charm for my bracelet! I love jewellery with wings and now I have a charm from him on my Swarovski bracelet. I couldn't be happier. :) If anyone's wondering, I got him a new bag for his camera, Dsquared "He Wood" perfume (a really really really great perfume, you should smell it! :D) and a T-shirt from his favourite band. :)
His mother and sisters got me a body care set and The Body Shop gift cards. I also got a beautiful soft face towel, but forgot to take a picture of it.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I also have a few Christmas Eve outfit pictures coming up, they're still in my sister's camera... But now I'm going to play checkers. Obsessed with this game lately...

Siin on mõningad pildid mu jõulukingitustest. :) Ei hakka pikka juttu tõlkima, kõik nimetatu on piltidel olemas. Esimene ports on mu perekonnalt, teine kallimalt ja tema perelt. Lähipäevadeks on planeeritud veel teisigi postitusi, nii et olge valvel. :)

TAG: Top 10 Beauty Products

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I was tagged by Miss L. to name my top 10 beauty products. I understood that I can pick my own gategories too, so let's jump into it. :)

Nail polish brand: OPI
Mascara: MaxFactor Masterpiece
Lipstick: Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks
Perfume: Versace Bright Crystal
Hair spray: Lee Stafford Hold Tight
Makeup remover: Huggies babywipes (unscented)
Face mask: LUSH Mask of Magnaminty (review HERE)
Face cleanser: Nivea Young Clean Deeper! Daily Deep Cleansing Wash Scrub
Powder: L'oreal True Match
Self-tanner: Shiseido Brilliant Bronze for Face

The rules: put the logo on your blog, name your top 10 and tag 10 people. I'm going to break the last rule and tag you all. :)


Monday, December 19, 2011

This week is really-really hectic for me, so I'll probably squeeze in one more beauty related post before Christmas and then we can start with all the fun stuff, since I have NINE days off work if you count the weekends in! I can't even believe it myself... I already have a long list of posts I'm planning to do, including my 2011 favourites.
I've already bought and packed all the presents for my loved ones and I'll make sure to snap a picture of our Christmas decorations at my parents house. This year I made sure that I buy all the presents in the first two weeks of December to avoid any stress and sweating with tons of other stressed and sweaty people at the mall. Now they're all nicely wrapped in a cute Marks & Spencer wrapping paper - I went for reindeers this year. ;)
I was wondering if you guys wanted me to do a Christmas haul too? I know some people love them and some think it's pointless bragging, but I want your opinion - would you like to see one in my blog? I'd be happy to do it. :)

See nädal on tööl kohutavalt kiire, sest jõuludeks tuleb palju-palju põnevaid artikleid kirjutada. Niisiis mahutan ma nädala sisse vist vaid ühe iluteemalise postituse. Pärast seda aga võib kõige lõbusaga alustada, sest ma saan tervelt ÜHEKSA päeva puhata, kui nädalavahetused ka sisse lugeda! See on uskumatu ning mul on juba pikk nimekiri postitustest, mida plaanin, kaasa arvatud mu 2011 aasta lemmikud.
Olen juba kõik kingid valmis ostnud-pakkinud - otsustasin sel aastal kingitused hiljemalt detsembri keskpaigaks valmis osta, et ma ei peaks teiste stressis ja närvis inimeste vahel mõtlema, millist multifilmi mu vend tahaks või millised vannipommid emale Lushist valida. :D Nüüd on kingid ilusti Marks & Spenceri põhjapõtradega pakkepaberis ja ma tahan näha lähedaste nägusid, kui nad need avavad. :P
Üks küsimus ka - kas te tahaksite ka postitust sellest, mida "jõuluvana" mulle tõi? Tean, et paljudele meeldib selline asi ja olen isegi üks neist, kuid on ka neid, kelle meelest oleks see vaid tobe uhkustamine. Öelge kindlasti, mida teie asjast arvate. :)

Battle of the Balms

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
It's really important to take care of your lips, especially during colder seasons and ESPECIALLY if you love wearing beautiful bright lipsticks. ;) Today I'm comparing seven lip balms for you guys, so if you're looking for a new one it might be helpful to see how different balms work. But keep in mind - what works for me might not work for you and what doesn't work for me might be perfect for you. ;) That's the thing with reviews... You never really know.
p.s. The prices are from the Internet or my memory. :)

e.l.f Studio Conditioning Lip Balb SPF 15 - €4
This is my newest lip balm and mine is in Blissful Berry. It has a nice sweet smell, but the smell is a bit... cheapy. It gives a really nicely pigmented tint to my lips and contains SPF 15, which is always a plus. I hate the packaging, since it's ridiculously big for just 7,5g of product and takes up a lot of space in my makeup bag... So the packaging and the smell take some points off. But it is moisturising, which is kind of the point, isn't it?

 Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Protectant Stick - €22,90
This is pretty expensive in Estonia, but I got mine for €12,95 from Yes, still expensive, but this is the only downside, seriously. I love the "medical" smell and the packaging is nice and sleek. This also has SPF 15, which is nice and when I have really chapped lips I apply this before bed and wake up with baby soft kissable lips. :) But this product runs out quite quickly since you get a lot with just one swipe over the lips. But it's still one of my favourites. A classic. :)

My mom got me this from a random store that sells home supplies. It was cute and cheap, so she got me the raspberry flavour. It makes my lips soft and that's all I really want when I apply a lip balm before lipstick or a lip gloss. But before bed I'd rather use something that's more moisturising.

 Evolution of Smooth aka EOS Lip Balm - €2-3
My sister brought this back from New York this summer and I was really excited about this! All the beauty gurus were raving about these balms and I finally got one myself - you see, we don't have them in Estonia. :( I love EOS lio balm, the smell is divine and it's free of parabens and other yucky things. I'd really like to try other ones too. Oh, by the way, mine is in Summer Fruit. :)

 The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter - €5
I'm not that sure about the price, I got mine from London. But on to the product... I had high expectations and the smell is really good, but this just isn't for me. It's really thick and leaves a white residue on my lips... Maybe it's just too thick for me. The packaging is my favourite - it's so cute!

 MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner - €16
Another expensive lip pruduct that I was actually disappointed in. :( Yes, it has a really pretty packaging and it has SPF 15 - I have it in Fuchsia Fix and it gives a really nice sheer tint to my lips, but that's about it. It's just too greasy in my opinion. And I don't like greasy lip products - I feel like wiping my lips with a tissue or something...

Vaseline Lip Therapy with aloe vera - €2
I don't remember where I got this, but not from Estonia... It has a really nice smell and it feels like it soothes dry lips, but I don't really trust vaseline on my lips. Petroleum jelly doesn't sink in, so for moisturising purposes it's kind of pointless. But sometimes when my lips are irritated, I put this on and it soothes them. Again - for moisturising and healing purposes I'd suggest you pick something else. :)

So, I recommend Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Protectant Stick and EOS lip balms. :)
In the future I'd like to try out Burt's Bees...
What's your favourite lip balm? Leave a comment and recommend it! :)

Huulepalsam on üks tähtsamaid kosmeetikavahendeid, sest huulenahk on väga õrn ja kes tahaks katkistele huultele ilusat huulepulka kanda? ;) Võrdlesin teie jaoks seitset huulepalsamit, mis enda sahtlist, kottidest ja taskutest välja kaevasin. :)
e.l.f Studio Conditioning Lip Balb SPF 15 - €4 on uusim liige mu huulepalsamite kogus. See niisutab hästi ja annab huultele kena tooni. SPF selles on samuti suur pluss. Ainsad miinused oleksid odavavõitu lõhn ja ebanormaalselt suur pakens 7,5grammise toote kohta.
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Protectant Stick - €22,90 on Eestis hullupööra kallis, kuid mina sain enda oma umbes 13 euroga See niisutab ja ravib, sisaldab SPF-i ja ma armastan selle "arstilikku" lõhna ja kui seda õhtul katkistele huultele panen, ärkan hommikul huultega, millele teeksin kasvõi ise musi. :) Üks mu kindlaid lemmikuid, mis tõestab ühtlasi, et klassikutes saab alati kindel olla.
SLIDERS LIP BALM - €1,90 on üks suvalisemaid palsameid, mis mul on. Ema ostis selle mulle mingist kodutarvete poest, sest see "nägi nunnu välja". See on mõnusa lõhnaga ja niisutab hästi - pakend on samuti mugav, sest ei pea korki keerama, saab lihtsalt kaane pealt nihutada. Polegi midagi halba öelda. :)
 Evolution of Smooth aka EOS Lip Balm - €2-3 - selle tõi õde mulle New Yorgist kaasa, sest Eestis neid paraku ei müüda. Kahju, sest EOS palsam on üks mu lemmikuid - see on looduslik, vaba parabeenidest ja muust jamast, lõhnab imeliselt ja kas me võiksime hetkeks keskenduda selle maailma armsaimale pakendile? Niisutab, pehmendab huuli pikaks ajaks, on mugav kasutada... Soovitan, kui käpa peale saate!
 The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter - €5 - Umbes sellise hinnaga sain selle Inglismaalt, Eestis maksab see palsam umbes poole rohkem. The Body Shop on üleüldse Eestis pisut ebanormaalsete hindadega, mistõttu varun endale nende tooteid siis kui välismaal käin. :) See huulepalsam on maailma mõnusaima lõhna ja armsaima pakendiga, kuid paraku pole see siiski minu jaoks... Koostiselt jube paks ja rasvane, jätab huultele inetu valge kihi ja justkui tekitab kuiva nahka hiljem juurde. Buuu. :( Samas on inimesi, kes seda väga kiidavad, nii et go figure...
MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner - €16 - SPF15 on pluss, lõhn on mõnus, pakend kena ja õrn roosakas toon armas... Kuid koostiselt on see minu jaoks liiga rasvane. Selline tunne on, nagu oleks rasva huultele määrinud... Seetõttu pole ma seda ka eriti palju kasutanud. Niisutuse poolest on see okei, aga rasvased huuled pole päris see, mida ma ühelt huulepalsamilt ootan. :D
Vaseline Lip Therapy with aloe vera - €2 - Seda on mõnus kanda ärritunud nahale, sest see justkui rahustab ja jahutab, kuid niisutuse ja ravi eesmärgil ma igasuguseid vaseliine ja petrooleumipõhiseid tooteid ei soovitaks - need ei imendu nahka ega paku sellele mingit sügavuti niisutust või ravi.

Minu soovitusteks jääksid Elizabeth Ardeni ja EOS-i huulepalsamid. :)
Mis teie lemmikud on? Soovitage kommentaarides! :)

A day in Helsinki!

Monday, December 12, 2011
We went to Helsinki on Saturday and it was a really fun day with a few fails... We wanted to shop and visit a museum, but instead were greeted with pouring rain. And we didn't even get to visit many shops, since they all closed at 18 pm... On the way back it was so stormy that everyone had grey and green faces on the ship. I felt really disgusting. But... I got really nice leather boots for just 59 euros, some clothes for my younger brother and a whole box of my childhood's favourite - Suku Laku candies. :) And Helsinki was really pretty with all the christmas lights and all the shops had awesome window decorations... Only the snow was missing. :(

Käisime laupäeval Helsingis, et pisut šopata ja ehk ka mõnda muuseumisse piiluda. Helsingi tervitas meid tiheda vihmaga ja kell kuus sulgevate poodidega, nii et sellest ei tulnud suurt midagi välja... Kuid seltskond oli tore, Hemingway kohviku kakao imemaitsev ja mu uued nahksaapad täpselt sellised nagu olen endale tahtnud - maksin nende eest vaid 59 eurot, mis on kvaliteetsete nahksaabaste eest väga vähe küsitud (need olid soodukaga). Leidsin ka nooremale vennale pisut riideid. Tagasiteel kõigutas laev nii hirmsasti, et olin iga hetk valmis tualetti tormama või prügikasti järele haarama. Ometi jõudsin laevapoest osta terve karbi oma lapsepõlvelemmikuid Suku Lakusid. :D

Midnight Shopping

Sunday, December 11, 2011
On Friday I went to a midnight shopping event in my local mall with my boyfriend - we needed to get some christmas presents and I also found four things for myself... Nothing too exciting, I needed some warm clothes so I got a warm sweater from Mohito and a nice cardigan from Reserved. I also found this really cute bracelet from Mohito - it's exactly my style and would go so well with my leather jacket. The Lancome Juicy Tube was 25% off and my boyfriend fell in love with it when I tried this on at the store (yes, I cleaned the tube first and applied it first on my finger! :D), so I kind of had to get it.. Plus, I've always wanted one. They're so adorable. :)
p.s. Would you like me to include the prices in the future?

Käisin reedel koos kallimaga Kristiine Ööšopingul (ma keeldun kirjutamast "ööshopping" nagu plakatitel :D), et pisut jõulukinke osta, kuid leidsin loomulikult ka endale midagi. :) Reservedis ja Mohitos oli kogu kaup -40%, nii et sain endale talveks mõnusa pika kampsuni ja kardigani. Haarasin Mohitost ka selle käevõru, sest see on täpselt minu maitse ja sobiks ideaalselt mu nahkjakiga! Ja reede oli see päev, kui ma sain lõpuks oma elu esimese Lancome Juicy Tube huuleläike. Ideaalis oli kogu Lancome'i huulemeik -25% ning ma kasutasin juhust. :)
p.s. Kas te tahaks, et ma lisaks edaspidi hinnad ka?
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