Shopping: a bit of everything

Sunday, November 20, 2011
Yesterday when I went shopping I only had one lipstick in my head, but I ended up with a bunch of stuff. Oops, I guess I'll have to eat noodles until my next payday. :D But most of the stuff I really did need, so it's not that bad. I'm still a sensible shopper who doesn't buy stuff just because "she doesn't own anything in this colour".
I needed a new hairspray and saw that got2b volume hairspray was on sale for €4,29. I already have the same volume hair mousse and it's really good. Smells absolutely delicious! I had already reached for it when I noticed that with any got2b purchase you get a free mascara by Gosh. So I did. Yay for freebies!
I decided to try out the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, but silly me accidentally got the serum. Already tried this, doesn't give much coverage, but I guess it's okay for daytime, when my skin is in a good condition (which now is not the case unfortunately :( ).
A new Rimmel lipstick. I love Rimmel Lasting Finish lippies and I was really drawn to 085 Royalty, which is a purple colour. Should be great for fall, plus purple lips suit me quite well.
I ran out of my daily moisturiser by L'Oreal and decided to give JOIK facial day cream with rose hip and wheat germ oil a go. So far, so good. Really liquidy though, I prefer creamier and thicker moisturisers for my face - especially for winter.

I found this necklace from Seppälä for €2! What a bargain, such a nice necklace for summertime. :) And the feathers I just grabbed with me... I thought navy feathers would be nice for wintertime.
Last, but definitely not least - I finally got new leather boots for winter! They're really simple and black - exactly what I expect my winter boots to be. Plus, they were on sale, which was awesome. Everywhere I looked, you had to pay at least €140 for decent leather boots, but I got these for only €69 from Shu!

Hei! Ajasin sel nädalavahetusel oma eelarve lõhki, kuid õigustan end sellega, et detsembris ostan peamiselt teistele kingitusi ja... Mul oli paljusid neist asjadest ikka tarvis ka. Ja noh, nuudlid on ju head, miks mitte neid kuu lõpuni süüa? :D
Esmalt jahtisin uut juukselakki ja avastasin, et ühest mu lemmikust got2b juuksevahust on ka volüümi andva juukselaki variant olemas. See oli ka 4,29 euro peale alla hinnatud ja got2b tootega sai tasuta kaasa Goshi ripsmetuši! Mind ootas see kena üllatus Kristiine keskuse Prismas, nii et kui kellelgi veel huvi on, siis lipake aga Prismasse. :)
Teiseks vajasin uut jumekat ja poes meenus mulle, kui palju viimasel ajal Bourjois'i Healthy Mix jumestuskreemi on kiidetud. Paraku ostsin rumal mina seerumi, mitte tavalise jumeka, nii et... Katvus pole just suurepärane, pigem sobib see nendeks päevadeks, mil tahan vaid kerget meiki ja enda nahaga probleeme pole.
Ostsin ka uue huulepulga. Mulle on alati lillakad toonid sobinud, kuid mul polnud veel ainsatki lillat huulepulka. Niisiis on Rimmeli 085 Royalty nüüd uusim liige mu huulepulkade kollektsioonis. :)
Mu mõnus L'Oreali näokreem sai otsa, nii et otsustasin JOIK-i oma ikkagi järele proovida. See on väga-väga vedel, kuid mulle meeldivad pigem paksemad kreemid, eriti talvisel ajal. Samas on see ikkagi väga mõnus ja niisutav, pealegi väga armsas ja mugavas pakendis. :)
Seppäläst leidsin need sulelised ehted, kaelakee muide vaid 2 euroga Viru keskuse Seppäläst!
Viimaks - tähtsaim ost! Sain lõpuks uued talvesaapad. Mu eelmised teenisid mind truult kolm talve ja nüüd oli viimane aeg uute jaoks. Mind ajas saabaste otsimine üpris ahastusse, sest alla 140 euro kusagil normaalsete mustade nahksaabaste eest ei küsitud. Siis aga astusin Shu-sse ja leidsin sealt need klassikalised mustad talvesaapad vaid 69 euroga!

Girl, what's in your bag?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Not much originality from me tonight, but hey - it's Saturday! I'm about to cook pasta with chicken and blue cheese and drink  some sparkling wine with my love - our cute way to celebrate my name day (I have two of them, haha!).

But before I throw my penne in the pot, I'll share the inside of my bag with you. All secrets revealed!

As you might already know, this fall I carry a replica of Alexander Wang Rocco bag. It's really nice and spacious, but I kind of wish it had a long strap too. Plus, sometimes I feel that if I put something in this bag, it will disappear forever. :D

I don't carry a bunch of makeup with me. Only the things I really need have the privilege to hang around with me all day. In my gorgeous makeup bag are my face powder, a mascara, a brow pencil, a lipstick, a mini perfume and a lip balm.

I always have hairspray with me and I carry a face mist to freshen up my makeup during the day. The shea body butter is really nice and thick for colder weathers and a scented body lotion by Salvatore Ferragamo smells delicious and works really well in case I don't feel like wearing my perfume.

Got to have my purse and iPod with me at all times. Money and music - my two favourite M-s. :D Or did I just betray makeup by saying that? :S

I have my planner for work and school and I'm obsessed with carrying around more than one pen. I always have a book with me, currently it's "My Alaska" by Maria Kupinskaja.

Ahh, and the boring gloves and tissues.

I want to know what's in YOUR bag! If you've already done this post, link it in the comments so that the nosy part of me will be satisfied. :D

Have a great Saturday night! :)

Võtsin kätte ja tegin lõpuks kotipostituse ära - niisiis, ei midagi originaalset täna, kuid usun, et kuna on laupäev, siis suudate selle mulle andestada. Hakkan kohe pastat kana ja sinihallitusjuustuga kokkama ning kallimaga vahuveini jooma - meie väike armas viis mu nimepäeva tähistada. Üht kahest, haha!

Nagu näete, siis ei midagi väga erilist mu sügiseses Rocco kotis- pisut päeva jooksul tarvis minevat meiki, juukselakk (mis on minuga ALATI kaasas), niisutav ja lõhnastav kreem, rahakott ja iPod, pooleli olev raamat, märkmik, peotäis pastakaid (sest sa ei tea kunagi, millal sul pastakat tarvis võib minna ja siis kui läheb, saab see üks ja ainus tühjaks!) ning kindad ja salvrätikud, sest sügis on juba ammu käes.

Mis teie kotis leidub? Kui olete juba selleteemalise postutuse teinud, siis visake mulle link kommentaaridesse, et ma saaksin oma uudishimu rahuldada. Kui mitte, siis tehke!

Mõnusat õhtut kõigile. :)

Review: Rimmel Volume Flash The Max

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Next to MaxFactor Masterpiece, Rimmel  Volume Flash The Max (why do some mascaras have such long names?) is the only mascara I've bought more than once. It's an absolutely great mascara, one of my favourite drugstore ones. It gives length, volume and doesn't clump. You won't find it under your eyes when you get home late and you can wash it off with just some warm water (tip your fingers in warm water, hold your lashes between your fingers and just pull it off). Id does take a few uses to be at it's best, but I find this with so many mascaras... first it's "ehh", but after a week or two you can say "wow". :)

  • gives length and volume
  • washes off easily
  • price - it's not expensive, but works wonders. I'm sorry, I don't remember the exact price.
my lashes without and with mascara
  • packaging - I'm not a fan of the packaging, to me it looks cheap and tacky. I like black and golden tubes.

    Have you tried this mascara?
MaxFactor Masterpiece'i kõrval on Rimmel Volume Flash The Max (miks on ripsmetuššidel nii pikad nimed?) ainus ripsmetušš, mida olen ostnud enam kui ühe korra. See on suurepärane tušš, mis annab pikkust ja volüümi ning ei lähe tükki. Samuti ei leia sa seda päeva lõpuks oma silmade ümbrusest. Seda tušši on lihtne maha pesta, piisab ka vaid soojast veest. Kasta lihtsalt sõrmed sooja vette, hoia ripsmeid veidi aega sõrmede vahel ja lihtsalt tõmba tušš maha. Küll aga on sellega nagu mitmete teiste ripsmetuššidega - alguses on see "meh", kuid pärast 1-2 nädalat näitab oma tõelist palet ja toimib suurepäraselt.

  • annab pikkust ja volüümi
  • tuleb kergelt maha
  • soodne - vaatamata soodsale hinnale töötab see suurepäraselt. Vabandan, kuid ma ei mäleta hetkel täpset hinda.
  • pakend - minu meelest näeb see välja pisut odav ja maitsetu, eelistan musti ja kuldseid tuube. Kuid see on puhtalt maitseasi.
Kas olete seda tušši proovinud?

On my nails: Make Up Store "Monica"

Monday, November 14, 2011

My little sample of MaxFactor nail polish in "Angel Nails" was running out and then quickly replaced by Make Up Store's nail polish in "Monica" - they're basically the same, but the finish of MUS one is more sleek and just a bit lighter. I absolutely love silver-shimmery nails for fall and winter. Since I mostly wear black and grey then,  it gives a nice pop of shimmer to my outfits. Also, when I don't feel like wearing any colour on my nails, this colour still doesn't bug me. It's perfect!

p.s. Love the packaging! I almost don't want to toss it in my precious box of nail polishes...

Mu pisike tester MaxFactori küünelakist "Angel Nails" (sain selle kunagi MF ostuga väikeses kotikeses kaasa) hakkas otsakorrale jõudma ning asendasin selle ruttu Make Up Store'i lakiga "Monica". Värv on põhimõtteliselt identne, MUS oma jääb pisut heledam ja siledam. Ma armastan sügis-talvel hõbedasi-sätendavaid küüsi. Kuna kannan siis enamasti musta ja halli, annab see mulle pisut "blingi" juurde. Päevadel, mil ma ei taha eriti üldse mingit lakki kanda, saan ma aga sellise tooni ikka niimoodi välja kantud, et see ei hakka mulle närvidele käima.
Ning ma armastan Make Up Store'i pakendeid. Ma peaaegu, et ei raatsigi seda lakipudelit oma küünelakkide karpi peitu panna...

Review: Lush - Angels on Bare Skin

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I've used this face cleanser for about 10 days now and I really like it. Mostly because it's all natural and I feel proud of myself when I put natural stuff on my face and not some blue, pink or orange products full of chemicals... but it's just generally nice too. :)

  • it’s natural – definitely a pro, isn’t it?
  • it’s exfoliating – it’s nice and exfoliating, but not too harsh on your skin. Nice and gentle.
  • leaves skin soft – my skin is really nice and soft after using this, definitely not tight and screaming for some moisturiser.
  • the price – 5,95 for a product that lasts probably for about 1,5 months is not that cheap.
  • the smell – it has a really strong lavender smell and I’m not a big fan of lavender stuff
  • takes time –first you have to take a little piece of it, then add some water and rub your hands together to get a paste... it takes a lot more time and is also messier than just squeezing something out of a tube
  • doesn’t get rid of makeup – if you have foundation on, it doesn’t really get rid of it. At least my skin doesn’t feel clean enough after. But it’s perfect for a makeup free face or face with just mineral powder on it.

Would I recommend this? Yes. Would I repurchase? Probably, but I like trying new stuff and barely ever buy the same face cleanser twice.


Eesti keeles:

Olen Lushi näopuhastajat Angels on Bare Skin nüüd umbes kümme päeva kasutanud. See meeldib mulle tõesti... juba seetõttu, et tegu on üleni loodusliku, mitte keemiat täis tuubitud tootega.

  • naturaalne – see on ju kindlasti pluss, eks?
  • kooriv – see on ühtlasi mõnus õrnatoimeline koorija
  • jätab naha pehmeks ja värskeks – mu nahk on pärast beebipehme ja terve kumaga, mitte kiskuv ja näokreemi järele karjuv
  • hind – 5,95 eurot toote eest, mis kestab maksimaalselt poolteist kuud pole just odav.
  • lõhn – sel on väga-väga tugev lavendlilõhn ja ma ei armasta eriti lavendlilõhnalisi tooteid
  • aeganõudev – esmalt tuleb tükike võtta, siis sellele vett lisada ja toode pastaks hõõruda... See on kohe kindlasti tüütum ja aeganõudvam kui lihtsalt toote tuubist, purgist või kust iganes mujalt välja võtmine ja näole kandmine
  • ei eemalda meiki – ehkki see ka koorib, ei saa see jagu kogu meigist, seda siis juhul kui peal on jumestuskreem, peitekreem, puuder ja kõik see muu tore möks. Ent kui nägu on meigivaba või vaid puudri või mineraalmeigiga kaetud, siis ei tohiks küll probleemi olla. ;)
Kas ma soovitaksin seda teistele? Kindlasti, see on mõnus asi, mida järele proovida. Ise ma seda vast uuesti ei osta, kuid vaid seetõttu, et ma ostan vaevu üht näopuhastajat mitu korda... Mulle meeldib aina uusi asju proovida. :)
Rohkem infot:

There's something about JOIK

Saturday, November 12, 2011

JOIK is a natural cosmetics brand in Estonia. Their stuff is handmade, smells delicious and is really beautifully packaged. I was visiting my parents home during the weekend and saw that my mom still had a lot of JOIK stuff unused in the bathroom so I decided to take some pictures of them to show you guys. The candles are my personal favourites, they make the whole room smell absolutely delicious. I'm excited to try some of their face and body lotions too, but at the moment I have so many creams, lotions and body butters that I don't really have an excuse to buy some more... :(

 Scented soywax candle - strawberries & wine
 Deep moisturizing hand & foot salve with emu oil

 Light eye cream with mango butter and argan oil

 Lemongrass soap with seasalt

 Rose soap with red clay

 Exfoliating oatmeal soup with honey

 Grapefruit soap with carrot juice

White chocolate bath-truffles

Eestis teavad kindlasti kõik juba JOIK-i. Nende käsitsi tehtud tooted lõhnavad lihtsalt imeliselt ja minu meelest on kõik nende tooted äärmiselt stiilselt pakitud. Käisin nädalavahetusel vanematekodus, kus avastasin, et emal on terve sahtlitäis veel kasutamata JOIK-i kraami. Otsustasin need teiega jagamiseks pildile püüda. Mu isiklikud lemmikud on alati olnud nende küünlad - terve tuba lõhnab imeliselt ja küünal põleb ilusti põhjani, mitte ei vaju pärast 2-3 tundi auku. Ma tahaksin väga ka mõnd nende näo- või kehakreemi proovida, kuid mul on hetkel nii palju kreeme, et uue ostmine ei õigustaks end kohe kuidagi... Milliseid JOIK-i tooteid teie proovinud olete? Kas nende näokreemid on head?

Outfit: I love my stripes!

I can't seem to get over stripes... Once they reminded me middle-aged Scandinavian tourists who took over the old town of Tallinn during the summer, but now every third item in my closet has stripes on it...

jeans: Pull & Bear, shirt: H&M, scarf: Italy, rings: Lindex, earrings: H&M, boots: Vagabond

Review: Lush - Mask of Magnaminty

Mask of Magnaminty is a face mask/cleanser I got from Lush about a week ago. Since then I've used it twice on my face and twice on just my nose.

  • the price - €4,9 for 125 g is not that expensive. I feel that I can use this at least 15-20 times. Again, I've used it twice on my face, twice on my nose and my bf used it once on his face, yet there's barely any used from it. So it's a lot cheaper than many other face masks out there.
  • the smell - it's really refreshing and nice!
  • the feel - it's so minty that it almost feels cold on your skin a few minutes after applying. And after I rinse it off my skin feels really soft and fresh.
  • the effect - I really feel like it's "sucking out" my blackheads and all that other yucky stuff. That's why I sometimes apply it only on my nose - that's where I get all my annoying blackheads.
  • Rinsing - it's so hard to wash it off after. I can't really agree with what they say on their website: "The first thing about this mask is that it has to go on easily over the skin. It is what we call ‘slip’ in the industry. On sensitive skin you don’t want anything that drags, because it can cause already disrupted skin to inflame and go puffy." Yes, it does go easily on the skin, but you have to drag the hell out of your skin to get it off and that's not very nice. That's probably why your skin looks a bit red after.
Do I recommend this? Yes! But don’t feel like you have to buy the 315 g pot, because it really takes time to use it up. But does anyone know – am I supposed to keep this in my fridge?

Eesti keeles:

Ostsin nädalakese eest Lushi näomaski/puhastaja Mask of Magnaminty. Olen sellest saati kasutanud seda kaks korda näol, kaks korda ninal ja korra laenas seda ka mu noormees... Õigemini määrisin ma talle endaga samal ajal näkku.

  • hind – 4,9 eurot 125 grammise potsiku eest pole sugugi palju küsitud, sest seda jätkub tõenäoliselt 15-20 korraks
  • lõhn – väga värske ja mõnus!
  • tunne – see on hästi värskendav ja mündiselt jahutav, enim mõned minutid pärast peale panemist, enne kui see kuivama hakkab
  • mõju – mul on tõesti tunne, et see teeb ninal olevate vastikute komedoonidega (mustpeadega) üks-null. Ka imeb see pooridest ära sinna kogunenud mustuse ja muu fui-fui.
  • loputamine – selle maski maha loputamine on tõeline peavalu. Vahel on mul tunne, et ma võin oma nägu sooja veega nühkima jäädagi, kuid pärast avastan ikka nina juurest rohelisi täpikesi. See pole eriti vahva, sest ma pean siis oma nahka päris palju hõõruma ja venitama, mistõttu on see pärast kergelt punetav ja õrn.

Kas ma soovitaksin seda teistele? Kindlasti! Need, kellel on mure rasuse naha ja tüütute komedoonidega, võivad avastada, et see mask võib imesid teha. Pärast on nahk beebipehme ja pärast mõningad kasutamist on poorid silmnähtavalt kahanenud. Küll aga, ärge tundke, et peate ostma kohe 315 grammise potsiku. Väiksemast piisab algul täiesti.

Aga äkki keegi tark teab... Kas ma peaksin seda jahedas hoidma?

My first box bag!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

So, my mom likes to buy stuff online - finding vintage or just cool stuff for a cheap price from other people seems to just be one of her "things". Today she got one package and this bag popped out. "I got you this, you can hold your jewellery in here or something," she said. When I took a proper look at this little bag I fell in love. It reminds me one of those vintage box bags and looks really lovely. It has it's personality and it's a bit... quirky and new for me, but I really like it. What a perfect bag for theater, isn't it? Oh, and can you guess the price? €0,60! It says "Harrods Knightsbridge Made Exclusively" inside, so I guess it's originally from Harrods?

Mu emale meeldib Internetis šopata, eriti meeldib talle leida vanaaegset mööblit või pildiraame. Täna hüppas aga koos küünlajalaga pakist välja see väike kott. "Ostsin selle sulle, saad siin oma ehteid hoida näiteks," ütles ta.  Kui ma aga selle endale õlale panin, otsustasin siiski, et kannan seda ka väljas. Täiesti ideaalne ja n-ö iseloomuga kott näiteks teatriks käimiseks. Ja teate, palju see maksis? 0,6 eurot!

Outfit: Let It Be

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
t-shirt: H&M, skirt: H&M, tights: Seppälä, necklace: New Yorker, earrings: Monton

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