Santa was really generous this year, but it has to do with my big family and a lovely boyfriend with his family. I'm really thankful for everything I got and I would have been happy with just the absolutely delicious Lindt chocolates... I only have four left. :(
I love puzzles and my mom got me a new one - I think it's absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't stop staring at it on Christmas Eve. I also got Babyliss Easy Waves, which I asked for and straight off my Christmas wishlist my brother got me DKNY Golden Delicious perfume. It's kind of a tradition that I get new pajamas and some fuzzy socks every Christmas and this year I got these really cute ones from Seppälä. :) My sister got me "The Nutcracker" - something cute to watch during Christmas. But she also got me one of the biggest and most exciting gifts - a tripod and a remote controller for my camera! Outfit pictures without balancing a pile of books and shoe boxes under my camera, here I come! :D

My boyfriend really spoiled me this year, but it's okay, since I spoiled him too. :) We like spoiling each other and not just during Christmas. :)
He got me this Oh Land CD, which is really meaningful to both of us. He also got me my favourite Ferrero Rochers, a beautiful blouse that he saw me admiring and a new Swarovski charm for my bracelet! I love jewellery with wings and now I have a charm from him on my Swarovski bracelet. I couldn't be happier. :) If anyone's wondering, I got him a new bag for his camera, Dsquared "He Wood" perfume (a really really really great perfume, you should smell it! :D) and a T-shirt from his favourite band. :)
His mother and sisters got me a body care set and The Body Shop gift cards. I also got a beautiful soft face towel, but forgot to take a picture of it.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I also have a few Christmas Eve outfit pictures coming up, they're still in my sister's camera... But now I'm going to play checkers. Obsessed with this game lately...

Siin on mõningad pildid mu jõulukingitustest. :) Ei hakka pikka juttu tõlkima, kõik nimetatu on piltidel olemas. Esimene ports on mu perekonnalt, teine kallimalt ja tema perelt. Lähipäevadeks on planeeritud veel teisigi postitusi, nii et olge valvel. :)


  1. pluus paistab tõesti väga kena olevat. elektrisinine on nii kihvt värv ja lipsud nii armsad :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. You got some lovely items :D!
    Lucy x

  3. Such beautiful gifts!

    I'm especially interested in the Babyliss 'easy waves' - would love to know if it's any good.

    Happy new year :) x x


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