So, my mom likes to buy stuff online - finding vintage or just cool stuff for a cheap price from other people seems to just be one of her "things". Today she got one package and this bag popped out. "I got you this, you can hold your jewellery in here or something," she said. When I took a proper look at this little bag I fell in love. It reminds me one of those vintage box bags and looks really lovely. It has it's personality and it's a bit... quirky and new for me, but I really like it. What a perfect bag for theater, isn't it? Oh, and can you guess the price? €0,60! It says "Harrods Knightsbridge Made Exclusively" inside, so I guess it's originally from Harrods?

Mu emale meeldib Internetis šopata, eriti meeldib talle leida vanaaegset mööblit või pildiraame. Täna hüppas aga koos küünlajalaga pakist välja see väike kott. "Ostsin selle sulle, saad siin oma ehteid hoida näiteks," ütles ta.  Kui ma aga selle endale õlale panin, otsustasin siiski, et kannan seda ka väljas. Täiesti ideaalne ja n-ö iseloomuga kott näiteks teatriks käimiseks. Ja teate, palju see maksis? 0,6 eurot!


  1. Super ilus! Ja uskumatult odava hinnaga :O

  2. Aw, this is cute! Such a good price too! Bargain!
    Lucy x


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