I'm really tired at the moment, so no OOTD's or reviews today. Instead, I'll show you the place where all the magic happens and that's my vanity. Well, actually... no magic happens there, since I don't really have a decent lighting or a chair near my vanity table, but I do keep all my lovely stuff there and use the mirror when I'm doing my hair or putting on accessories.

As you can see, not much going on here...

My messy makeup "storage"... Don't even get me started. :D

My everyday perfumes

My drawers are still messy. This one contains my nail polishes and all the makeup I'm not currently using.
I'm obsessed with body lotions, creams and butters... I can never have enough. :D

My necklaces on the wall and some bangles in an old jar of Yankee candle.

That's it! :)

/Kuna ma olen täna pööraselt väsinud, siis ei mingeid riideid või arvustusi... Pildistasin hoopis oma tualettlauakest. Otseselt meikimiseks ma seda ei kasuta, sest sel puudub korralik valgustus ja ka tool - pigem eputan vahel peegli ees ja hoian sahtlites kõiki oma "eluks vajalikke" asju. Nagu näete, siis muidu armastan ma korda ja lagedaid pindu, kuid sahtlid on endiselt segamini. Mul pole ainsatki korras sahtlit, leian segamini sahtlitest palju rutem vajaliku üles. :D/


  1. Your dressing table is really nice, there is something about white furniture that attracts me I just love it!(:

  2. I know, I love it too! White furniture is really beautiful... It does need cleaning more often, but it's totally worth it. :D

  3. You are so organised! I really love your vanity area too it's gorgeous xxxx

  4. hehe, ma planeerisin mingit sarnast postitust muide, aga siis läks juba kord käest ära peeglilaual ja jäigi katki :D igatahes, väga põnev postitus!

  5. Hullult armas <3 ja see tualettlaud on super

  6. Your dressing table is gorgeous! :D

    Lucy x

  7. Gorgeous Vanity! :)



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