It's my first monthly favourites post ever, so bare with me. :)

As you can see, not that many makeup related favourites this month... I found myself using all the usual things and nothing very new and exciting. Yet, there were a few products I kept reaching for, products that definitely deserve to be in a favourites post.

Lee Stafford Hair Rehab Detox Shampoo
I've had this for quite some time and somehow I forgot how amazing this was and used other shampoos instead. I have really thin hair with no natural volume in them, so they're really hard to maintain and I usually just put them up in a bun. But with this shampoo I've never had a bad hair day. I can wear them down and they won't play any tricks on me during the day.
It's called a rehab shampoo, because it claims to "gently remove stubborn styling build up and pollution from your locks in the morning after the night before." Well, I use this even if I was just cuddling up in my own room the night before. Good hair day guaranteed!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist

Since it's getting colder outside I feel that my skin needs something "more" and that's exactly it! I use it to set my makeup and freshen up during the day. It's so nice and fresh, bringing my tired face back to life during long days.

LUSH Fair Trade Foot Lotion
I absolutely adore this foot lotion! I love the minty smell and every time I apply it before bed I wake up with baby soft feet. If you haven't tried this, you must! I'm almost out, so I think a visit to Lush is in the near future. Yay! ;)

NARS blush "Orgasm"
It gives a really nice golden pink sheen to my cheeks and is the only blush I've used in October. I really don't have much else to say about this... Everyone already knows how gorgeous this blusher is. :D

L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Powder
I've tried many different powders, but I always end up with this in my makeup bag. It's light and perfect for setting your make up. On some days I even wear it alone, since it gives decent coverage and stays on (and matte!) all day. My favourite powder, no doubt about it. My only dislikes are the packaging andthe fact that it always shatters before I run out of it.

OPI nail polish "OPI Ink."
I love it, the colour is amazing and perfect for fall. I think it would be even more perfect for holidays, since it has nice shimmer in it. I wrote about it here.

MaxFactor Nailfinity nail polish "Angel Nails"
I only have the mini size, which I got as a freebie, but I really like this nail polish. It's bling enough, stays on forever and adds a nice shimmer to my mostly black outfits. If I'm not wearing my "OPI Ink.", then I'm wearing this. At least that's how it was in October. :)

That's it! All my stuff is laid on a black sweater from New Yorker, which is also one of my favourites this month. It's so nice, soft and warm and it only cost me 14, which is not bad for a nice warm sweater for fall. My last favourite would probably be cold canned Coca Cola!

/Hei, siin on välja toodud minu oktoobrikuu lemmikud! Lee Staffordi šampoon on ideaalne siis, kui juuksed (eriti tukk) kipuvad hoidma nii nagu ise soovivad - mul pole selle šampooniga veel kordagi n-ö halbade juuste päeva olnud. The Body Shopi näospreiga on mõnus meiki kinnitada ja pika päeva jooksul nägu värskendada. LUSHi jalakreemi soovitaksin kindlasti kõigile, sest iga kord kui ma seda enne voodisse pugemist peale kannan, ärkan ma beebipehmete jalgadega. Lõhn on ka eriti mõnus ja piparmündiselt värskendav. NARSi põsepuna on mu ammune lemmik ja L'Oreali puuder parim puuder, mida ma kunagi kasutanud olen. Sellega on hea jumestuskreemi kinnitada ja on päevi, mil kannan seda ka iseseisvalt. Katvus on hea, püsivus niisamuti ja ei mingit läikivat nina või laupa. Mis küünelakkidesse puutub, siis oktoobris kandsin peamiselt OPI tumesinist "OPI Ink." lakki ja MaxFactori sädelevat hõbedast "Angel Nails" küünelakki. :)/


  1. Fab favourites , I might have to try the shampoo and I just recently got OPI Ink and I'm looking forward to wearing it :)

  2. Avastasin vist enda ühe lemmik blogidest, nii hea kujundus ja hea lugeda, kuigi eesti keelt on vähem kui inglisekeelt, ma pole just eriline inglise keele tundja :)

  3. Great favourites, I need to do mine :) I want to try the try match powder.
    Lucy xx

  4. Hei, Helen! Mul on siiralt hea meel, et Sulle mu blogi meeldib. See, kui palju ma eesti keelt kirjutan sõltub täielikult viitsimisest. Aga ma püüan edaspidi pisut rohkem ka eesti keeles kirjutada, st rohkem kui kokkuvõte postituse lõpus. :)

    Thank you Lucy! :)

  5. LOVE LUSH! I need that foot lotion! going to look for it the next time i'm in town :) love your blog. xx

  6. Thank you! Definitely try this lotion, it's fabolous!

  7. I really like these type of posts! Great product selection + I Love your blog!(:

  8. Thank you, Nicole! It's always nice to hear that someone enjoys my blog. :)


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