I adore body butters and for this you can blame The Body Shop. All those delicious smells, cute packaging (I'm a sucker for pretty packaging) and the luxurious soft feeling on the skin afterwards. But The Body Shop in Estonia is really-really pricey. You have to shovel out about €16 for a 200 ml butter. So you can't really blame me for finding alternatives...

So, today I saw that Marks & Spencer had some body products on sale, which means that instead of €8 this butter cost me only about €5. I picked up the shea one - since I already have a shea butter from The Body Shop, I can compare them. I came home and put TBS one on my right arm and MS one on the left. They are both very moisturising, MS one is smooth and creamy while TBS butter has a thicker consistency. TBS butter also smells better, both in the tube and on the skin. But MS body butter is still lovely - it leaves skin soft and not creasy. The smell reminds me of tanning lotions, which is really nice and summery. 

If you are looking for a "bargain butter", check out Marks & Spencer. They had all sorts of different smells. The Body Shop is still my favourite, but I'll stock up on it next time I go to London.

/Leidsin täna Marks & Spencerist mõnusa kehavõi. See pole küll nii hea kui The Body Shop'i omad, kuid on poole odavam, praeguse -40% allahindlusega oli see aga veelgi odavam. Mõnus ja niisutav, lõhnalt meenutab suviseid päevituskreeme ja pisut isegi mõningaid solaariumikreeme (ma ei käi solaariumis, kuid armastan nende kreemide lõhna)./

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  1. Thanks for sharing, it's been a long time since I last went to a Marks & Spencer store!;D

    ***** Marie *****


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