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Saturday, October 22, 2011

I got a new perfume! It's not very new, but I've always liked it (my friend used to have it way back in high school) and I found a really great deal. Plus, since it's eau de parfum it will stay on my skin for much longer than all my EdT-s that are basically gone after 2 hours...

On it is described as a seductive floral-fruity conceived for young women who are adventurous and free spirited. Her core values : sexiness, authenticity, trendy glamour and unconventional fun. The notes are tangerine, green apple, dewy freesia, pink peony, delicate muguet, peach, red fruit, cedar wood, amber and musk.

It's a really lovely perfume. If you're not into sweet and fruity scents, it's probably not for you, but if you don't mind smelling like yumminess I suggest you check it out. :)


  1. OH i neeeeed new perfume! i always stick to the same though, too scared to change :p xxxxxxx

  2. Change is good! ;) Try out something new and you'll be pleasantly surprised, I promise. And you can always choose something that's not that different from your regular perfume, but is still a change. ;)

  3. Oo I'll have to smell this one! I love the bottle! :)
    Lucy x

  4. valisin ka just hiljuti erinevate Guess'i parfüümide vahel ja ka see kuulus sinna hulka, aga otsustasin Guess by Marciano kasuks. kusjuures, samuti vaid internetis leidunud review'de põhjal, aga läks ka väga hästi ja olen lõhnast vaimustuses :P
    igatahes, arvatavasti proovin ka tolle ära, mida siin postituses näitad ;)

  5. ps. kirjutan sellest oma soetatud Guess'i parfüümist kindlasti blogis ka ja said endale uue follower'i juurde ;)

  6. Hei, väga vahva, aitäh Sulle! Uurin kohe ka Sinu ilupesa. :)

  7. mul vist päris (tegelikult kohe kindlasti :P) ilupesa küll pole, aga kosmeetika/ilutoodete rubriiki olen väikestviisi tekitama hakanud tõesti ja kindlasti jätkan sellega jõudu mööda. hetkelgi üks vastav postitus valmimas lähipäevade tarvis :)

  8. This smells good and nice bottle too.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  9. I've never smelled those before, but it look really pretty! :)
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