October Favourites

Sunday, October 30, 2011
It's my first monthly favourites post ever, so bare with me. :)

As you can see, not that many makeup related favourites this month... I found myself using all the usual things and nothing very new and exciting. Yet, there were a few products I kept reaching for, products that definitely deserve to be in a favourites post.

Lee Stafford Hair Rehab Detox Shampoo
I've had this for quite some time and somehow I forgot how amazing this was and used other shampoos instead. I have really thin hair with no natural volume in them, so they're really hard to maintain and I usually just put them up in a bun. But with this shampoo I've never had a bad hair day. I can wear them down and they won't play any tricks on me during the day.
It's called a rehab shampoo, because it claims to "gently remove stubborn styling build up and pollution from your locks in the morning after the night before." Well, I use this even if I was just cuddling up in my own room the night before. Good hair day guaranteed!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist

Since it's getting colder outside I feel that my skin needs something "more" and that's exactly it! I use it to set my makeup and freshen up during the day. It's so nice and fresh, bringing my tired face back to life during long days.

LUSH Fair Trade Foot Lotion
I absolutely adore this foot lotion! I love the minty smell and every time I apply it before bed I wake up with baby soft feet. If you haven't tried this, you must! I'm almost out, so I think a visit to Lush is in the near future. Yay! ;)

NARS blush "Orgasm"
It gives a really nice golden pink sheen to my cheeks and is the only blush I've used in October. I really don't have much else to say about this... Everyone already knows how gorgeous this blusher is. :D

L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Powder
I've tried many different powders, but I always end up with this in my makeup bag. It's light and perfect for setting your make up. On some days I even wear it alone, since it gives decent coverage and stays on (and matte!) all day. My favourite powder, no doubt about it. My only dislikes are the packaging andthe fact that it always shatters before I run out of it.

OPI nail polish "OPI Ink."
I love it, the colour is amazing and perfect for fall. I think it would be even more perfect for holidays, since it has nice shimmer in it. I wrote about it here.

MaxFactor Nailfinity nail polish "Angel Nails"
I only have the mini size, which I got as a freebie, but I really like this nail polish. It's bling enough, stays on forever and adds a nice shimmer to my mostly black outfits. If I'm not wearing my "OPI Ink.", then I'm wearing this. At least that's how it was in October. :)

That's it! All my stuff is laid on a black sweater from New Yorker, which is also one of my favourites this month. It's so nice, soft and warm and it only cost me 14, which is not bad for a nice warm sweater for fall. My last favourite would probably be cold canned Coca Cola!

/Hei, siin on välja toodud minu oktoobrikuu lemmikud! Lee Staffordi šampoon on ideaalne siis, kui juuksed (eriti tukk) kipuvad hoidma nii nagu ise soovivad - mul pole selle šampooniga veel kordagi n-ö halbade juuste päeva olnud. The Body Shopi näospreiga on mõnus meiki kinnitada ja pika päeva jooksul nägu värskendada. LUSHi jalakreemi soovitaksin kindlasti kõigile, sest iga kord kui ma seda enne voodisse pugemist peale kannan, ärkan ma beebipehmete jalgadega. Lõhn on ka eriti mõnus ja piparmündiselt värskendav. NARSi põsepuna on mu ammune lemmik ja L'Oreali puuder parim puuder, mida ma kunagi kasutanud olen. Sellega on hea jumestuskreemi kinnitada ja on päevi, mil kannan seda ka iseseisvalt. Katvus on hea, püsivus niisamuti ja ei mingit läikivat nina või laupa. Mis küünelakkidesse puutub, siis oktoobris kandsin peamiselt OPI tumesinist "OPI Ink." lakki ja MaxFactori sädelevat hõbedast "Angel Nails" küünelakki. :)/

Outfit: Blue Peace

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Maybe I shouldn't call these pictures OOTD's, since they don't really show my jeans/skirts/shorts or shoes, but oh well, for now it should be okay. As soon as I wear something more exiting than dark blue or black skinny jeans and my black boots I will take more decent pictures. :)

 blazer: Zara, t-shirt: New Yorker, necklace: GinaTricot, charm bracelet: Swarovski

That's it, another simple office look... But now I have to study-study-study!

What's in my everyday makeup bag?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm not feeling very original tonight, so I thought I'd make the famous makeup bag post. These are my essentials - only my face powder is missing. It's broken and I don't feel like putting it in my makeup bag... or taking a picture of it. :D

foundation: Rimmel Lasting Finish , brush: Topshop

I'm really impressed with this foundation. Yes, it feels kind of sticky when applied, but it really does stay on the whole day. As far as the brush goes... I was interested in trying out a foundation brush and spotted this in Stockholm this summer. It gets the job done, but I'd like to try a stipple brush too.

bronzer: GOSH Precious Powder Pearls in Glow, brush: Artdeco

It's a really good bronzer, maybe a bit too shimmery, but it also leaves a nice glowy finish. The brush is embarrassinlgy old and it's by Artdeco.

blush: NARS Orgasm

My absolute favourite. I know I'm not the only one, but what can I say... It's really lovely! I really don't want to run out of this, because we don't have NARS in Estonia. It does make owning this blush a lot more special, but I kind of wish we still had it here.

mascara: Maxfactor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look, eyelash curler: a random company...

I love Maxfactor mascaras, they're really nice. And the random eyelash curler does what it claims and curls my lashes... I don't really see a point in buying a really expensive one, unless someone can prove me why it's better to have a fancy eyelash curler instead of my 3€ one.

eyebrow pencil: BYS, tweezers: Tweezerman

I'm always on a hunt for a great eyebrow pencil, because I really wasn't blessed with naturally thick and dark eyebrows. Currently I'm using a cheap 2€ one I got from a sale. And it's doing a much better job than many previous (and much more expensive) ones. But Tweezerman tweezers really are the best and the only ones I recommend.

lipsticks: Rimmel Lasting Finish in 006 Pink Champagne, Estee Lauder Pure Colour Gloss Stick in 24 Night Bloom, lip balm: MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Fuchsia Fix

My everyday lip products are not very bright, just sweet and shiny lip colours with a hint of pink (except the Rimmel one - this one's really baby pink).

eyeshadow: Wet & Wild Vanity palette

I only wear one eyeshadow every day and it's from the Wet & Wild Vanity palette. It's the light shimmery one in the top corner. I really want to have MAC "All That Glitters" instead and soon I will... hopefully. :)

concealer: Lumene Beauty Base Blue Neutralizer

It's perfect for my dark under-eye circles, which unfortunately are in my genes. The only thing I don't like is the packaging. I like pretty packaging but this one's just... blah.

face mist: The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist

Well, yes, it doesn't really fit in my makeup bag, but I use it every day to set my makeup and freshen it up during the day.

That's it! I'll update it when I get more exciting-shiny-girly-awesome-unnecessary products to carry around with me every day! ;)

/Meik, mida ma endale peaaegu iga päev näolapile kannan, alustades Rimmeli üllatavalt hästi püsivast jumestuskreemist ja lõpetades The Body Shop'i imeliselt värskendava näospreiga, millega on mõnus päeva jooksul meiki värskendada. Kes liiga palju raha päikesepuudri alla panna ei taha, sellele soovitan GOSH'i pärleid. Maxfactori ripsmetušš on alati üpris kindel minek ja hetkel on mul kasutuses 2000 Calorie, lemmik aga endiselt Masterpiece. Tumedate silmaalustega teeb imet Lumene peitekreem ja Rimmeli Lasting Finish huulepulgad onväga mõnusad - iseäranis fännan nende magusat lõhna. Mu absoluutne lemmik meigikotis on aga NARS-i põsepuna, mida paraku Eestist saada pole, kuid kes Inglismaale või USA-sse minemas, sel soovitan tooni "Orgasm" kindlasti järele vaadata. Eriti ilus ja värske kuldse kumaga põsepuna! See oli siis kõik pähklikoores, kuid kellele inglise keel üle jõu ei käi, sellel on võimalik iga pildikese alt psitu lähemalt lugeda. Loomulikult on kõikvõimalikud küsimused kommentaaridesse alati oodatud. :) /

Outfit: well... not really

I would love to do more outfit of the day's, I really love it when bloggers do them. Now, I don't mean to me whiny, but it's kind of hard for me to do them... I work from 9am to 5pm and here in Estonia, in October it means that I don't get much daylight anymore. Well, if I rush home before 6pm I get enough to do some pictures by my window, but soon it will be too dark for that either. And I really like OOTD's without the flash, don't ask me why. But I guess I'll have to use flash in the future, because long dark and cold months are ahead of me here. But hey, it also means Christmas, New Year's Eve and my birthday! :) 
But anyway... Today I rushed home and took some photos. They're more like accessories of the day, but it's better than nothing, right? I was just wearing my new favourite cosy sweater from New Yorker and dark blue jeans, which you can't really see, but they're like any other dark blue skinny jeans. 

I got the bangle and the necklace as a present, but the bag is from River Island.

/ Väljas läheb üha pimedamaks ja normaalset valgust riiete pildistamiseks tuleb hoolega püüda - näiteks pärast tööd kiiruga koju joostes, enne kui kaob võimalus akna juures veel vähegi talutavaid pilte teha. Ees on külmad ja pimedad talvekuud, nii et peagi tuleb vist välk appi võtta. Vingumine lõppes nüüd. /

M&S Body Butter

Saturday, October 22, 2011

 I adore body butters and for this you can blame The Body Shop. All those delicious smells, cute packaging (I'm a sucker for pretty packaging) and the luxurious soft feeling on the skin afterwards. But The Body Shop in Estonia is really-really pricey. You have to shovel out about €16 for a 200 ml butter. So you can't really blame me for finding alternatives...

So, today I saw that Marks & Spencer had some body products on sale, which means that instead of €8 this butter cost me only about €5. I picked up the shea one - since I already have a shea butter from The Body Shop, I can compare them. I came home and put TBS one on my right arm and MS one on the left. They are both very moisturising, MS one is smooth and creamy while TBS butter has a thicker consistency. TBS butter also smells better, both in the tube and on the skin. But MS body butter is still lovely - it leaves skin soft and not creasy. The smell reminds me of tanning lotions, which is really nice and summery. 

If you are looking for a "bargain butter", check out Marks & Spencer. They had all sorts of different smells. The Body Shop is still my favourite, but I'll stock up on it next time I go to London.

/Leidsin täna Marks & Spencerist mõnusa kehavõi. See pole küll nii hea kui The Body Shop'i omad, kuid on poole odavam, praeguse -40% allahindlusega oli see aga veelgi odavam. Mõnus ja niisutav, lõhnalt meenutab suviseid päevituskreeme ja pisut isegi mõningaid solaariumikreeme (ma ei käi solaariumis, kuid armastan nende kreemide lõhna)./

Guess Perfume for Women

I got a new perfume! It's not very new, but I've always liked it (my friend used to have it way back in high school) and I found a really great deal. Plus, since it's eau de parfum it will stay on my skin for much longer than all my EdT-s that are basically gone after 2 hours...

On it is described as a seductive floral-fruity conceived for young women who are adventurous and free spirited. Her core values : sexiness, authenticity, trendy glamour and unconventional fun. The notes are tangerine, green apple, dewy freesia, pink peony, delicate muguet, peach, red fruit, cedar wood, amber and musk.

It's a really lovely perfume. If you're not into sweet and fruity scents, it's probably not for you, but if you don't mind smelling like yumminess I suggest you check it out. :)

Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick

Thursday, October 20, 2011

As soon as I heard that the lipsticks Kate Moss created for Rimmel are now available in my country I rushed to the Rimmel counter to check them all. Oh, and how disappointed I was... They only had about 3 shades, so not much to choose from. It's so typical in my country... stores only order SOME of the colours. Well, there was a silver lining... They had one of the lipsticks I had my eye on ant it's the 02. Absolutely delicious colour! Check it out!

 It looks more red in this picture, but I promise, it's a gorgeous rich pink, as you can see below. :)

I love the packaging, I think it's really stylish. I usually don't like Rimmel packaging, I think it can look quite cheap (I know, Rimmel IS cheap, but still... ), but they've done a good job on this one. Thanks to Kate I guess... The formula is basically the same as the usual Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks, but I was really amazed by the staying power. I ate three slices of pizza and it was still put! So, yes, I love it! The colour is absolutely perfect for fall with casual dark clothes for some pop of colour. Ofcourse, for spring and summer too, but I can't wait to wear it with my leather jacket and a white tee. :) And as usual, I love the sweet smell Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks have. It's addictive!

I definitely recommend you check these lippies out. Especially if your counter has more colours to choose from... the colours are delish!

/Rimmelil on müügil koostöös Kate Mossiga tehtud huulepulgad. Üldjoontes on need samad, mis tavalised Rimmel Lasting Finish huulepulgad, kuid värvivalik on lihtsalt imeline ja pakend tuhat korda stiilsem kui muidu. Ehkki Eestis pole värvivalik nii suur kui mujal, soovitan kindlasti neid uurida. Mina ostsin tooni 02, mis on imemõnus ja marjane roosa, absoluutselt kaunis toon! Leidsin, et see püsib ka väga tublisti peal - pärast kolme pitsalõiku oli värv endiselt ja puutumatult huultel./

On my nails: OPI - "OPI Ink."

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I was looking for a navy nail polish for quite some time, but they all seemed wrong, being either too light or too dark. Then I spotted OPI Ink and thought to myself: "Why not have some shimmer in it?" So I picked it up and I love it... yet, not because it's navy. Cause it's not. Don't let the name fool you, it's really not that blue... Well, it's actually quite purple. I'd say it's 50-50. In some lights, yes, it's gorgeous and navy blue with shimmer in it, but it can also look dark purple. Not that I don't like purple, I just wasn't on a hunt for a purple nail polish.

When I first applied it and showed it to my boyfriend, he said: "But it's purple!" And so did so many others... Do you see where I'm going with this? 

There you go, my new purple nail polish! :D

The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Everyday Summer Body Lotion

Well, the name of this product is quite a mouthful, isn't it? I thought I'd review a self-tanner for you guys. Although I've owned quite a few in the past, at the moment it's the only one I own, besides my Shiseido face one. I'd like to try so many more, since it's already getting so dark and cloudy outside. I barely get any daylight, since the view from the office window doesn't really count... But let's get to the product now. :)

It promises to gradually build a natural-looking tan and moisturise for up to 12 hours. Well, it is moisturising and absorbs fast, it also builds gradually, but as far as "natural looking" goes, I can't really agree... Yes, my skin looks darker, but it also looks a bit orange. You have to be really careful when applying it. If you don't, it will revenge in ugly patches. Also, I'm not a big fan of the smell and I don't think it's because I've been spoiling myself with delicious body butters. In my opinion, self-tanners just don't have a great smell. Then again, how many have I really tried/smelled? 

There you go, my natural paleness, day 2 and day 3 (I applied it every night):

I'd give it a strong 6 points out of 10. It's moisturising and doesn't make my skin too orange. Yes, a bit, but not that Oompa Loompa orange. Believe me, there are self-tanners out there that can do this! ;)

What's your favourite self-tanner?
/Ehkki ma fännan isepruunistavate kreemide ideed - jume ilma päikeseta, päevitus ilma kortsude ja ohtudeta ja nii edasi... On nendega ka parajalt mässamist. Olen viimasel ajal kasutanud The Body Shop'i isepruunistavat ihupiima, mis lubab järk-järgult nahale loomuliku päevituse anda ja ühtlasi 12-tunnist niisutust pakkuda. Järk-järgult kasvab päevitus küll ja nahk on mõnusasti niisutatud (tunde ei lugenud :D), kuid loomulikuks tulemust kahjuks nimetada ei saa. See jääb ikkagi pisut oranžikas. Kuna kreem on valget värvi, tuleb seda peale kanda äärmiselt hoolikalt - nimelt ei näe sa täpselt, kuhu seda kannad, mis võib omakorda inetute laikudega kätte maksta. Annaksin sellele 6 palli kümnest, sest ta on niisutav ja ei tee nahka nii oranžiks nagu paljud teised kreemid. Lõhn jällegi on üsna ebameeldiv. Samas, millise isepruunistava kreemi lõhn siis otseselt imehea oleks?/

fun nails

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Don't you just love fun nail polish? This Tiffany green is one of my favourite colours to wear on my nails and I also love it in room decor! Usually I tend to wear either nudes or really dark colours on my nails, but when I'm feeling a bit funky I'll paint my nails with this.

I have Nicole by OPI - My Lifesaver on my nails. :)

Mis on teie lemmik vallatum küünelakk, kui roosad, beežid või tumedamad toonid üle viskavad? Minul on selleks Tiffany & Co karbikeste tooni roheline. :)

messy makeup storage

Monday, October 17, 2011
After watching (way too) many makeup storage videos on Youtube, I feel I should probably find a better way to store my own. I like the way it looks like this, but it's really annoying when I need my tweezers or a brow pencil from the bottom of this pile. Plus, I think that if I added just one more lipstick, it would all fall apart. :D

Outfit: autumn day

It's getting really cold here lately, so every morning I have to wrap up in warm and cosy clothes. I don't really mind as long as I don't have to wear my winter coat, but I must say - I prefer floral summery dresses and cute sandals. I miss them!
Oh, and excuse the pillow face. :D

 trousers: Mango, jacket: Only, scarf: Seppälä, bag: Guess

Outfit: garden party

Sunday, October 16, 2011
 blazer: Zara, top: Only, jeans: Zara (ripped by me), shoes: ?

This is not a very new outfit, in fact this picture was taken back in August when I went to my friend's garden party. Now, unfortunately, it's too cold to wear such clothes and I have to wrap up in a huge scarf...

sunglasses: H&M

YSL Rouge Volupte #9 Pink Caress

I allowed myself a little splurge and got this little baby. That's what happens when you read so many beauty blogs and see that a proper beauty guru just has to own one of these absolutely gorgeous lipsticks. At first I was afraid it would not be as good, but I was actually very pleased with it! The colour payoff is absolutely great, I barely have to touch my lips and they are already rose caresse.

Yes, I know that 30 euros for a lipstick is quite insane, but I'm a true believer that a girl just needs a bit of luxury in her life. Taking this out of my bag to throw on before a party makes the whole doll up process much more glamorous.

Lubasin endale väikest pahandust ja ostsin selle kuldse kaunitari. Nii juhtub, kui loed mitu aastat ilublogisid ja avastad, et ühel korralikul meigihullul lihtsalt peab üks YSL-i Rouge Volupte olema! Kartsin algul, et see ei ole nii hea, kui räägitakse, ent ei pidanud pettuma. Tekstuur ja värv on lihtsalt imelised! Jah, ema on mullegi õpetanud, et 30 eurot huulepulgale kulutada pole just mõistlik, kuid usun sellesse, et tüdruk lihtsalt vajab oma ellu pisut luksust. Selle meigikotist välja võtmine enne pidu muudab terve sättimise protsessi palju glamuursemaks.
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